Banking and Industrialization, CESifo Working paper 5503, (with A. Trew), R&R at Journal of the European Economic Association.

East Side Story: Historic Pollution and Neighborhood Segregation, SERC Discussion Paper 208 (with A. Trew and Y. Zylberberg), under review.

Market Tremors: Shale Gas, Earthquakes, and Their Impact on House Prices (with S. Gibbons and C. Timmins), under review. [previous version]

Instrumental Variables and Causal Mechanisms: Unpacking the Effect of Trade on Workers and Voters, (with C. Dippel, R. Gold, and R. Pinto), update coming soon.

The Making of the Modern Metropolis: Evidence from London, in progress (with S. Redding and D. Sturm).

The Impact of Public Employment? Evidence from Bonn, in progress (with S. Becker and D. Sturm).

History and Urban Economics, R&R at Regional Science and Urban Economics (with W. Hanlon).

Commuting Fast and Commuting Slow, in progress (with H. Simpson).

The Spatial Impacts of a Massive Rail Disinvestment Program: The Beeching Axe, in progress (with S. Gibbons and E. Pinchbeck)

Immigrants’ Influence on Natives’ Culture: U.S. Evidence from Refugees of Germany’s Failed 1848 Revolutions, in progress (with C. Dippel).